LTI Korea Takes Regular Course Students to a Temple Stay
Twelve students of the Translation Academy’s Regular Course participated in a temple stay at Jeondeungsa Temple in Incheon, Ganghwa County from September 5 to 6.   In the orientation held on the first day, the students learnt proper temple etiquette from Monk  and then took a tour of Jeondeungsa, one of Korea’s oldest Buddhist temples and a cultural icon of Ganghwa County. The students participated in the bell ringing ceremony at the temple whose unique Chinese style bell is rung 33 times every evening.   ▲ Orientation ▲ Students listening to an explanation of the temple ▲ The “Four Buddhist Instrument Ceremony” (Clockwise from the top left Soohyun Yang, Martin Weiser, Evgenii Vyskrebentcev, Juana Urbano Jiménez) ▲  (Clockwise from the top left) Evening ceremony, Seon meditation, Making prayer beads   On the second day, the students woke up at 4 in the morning to the sounds of the moktak, the wooden percussion instrument used by Buddhist clergy while reciting sutras or other texts. After the temple bell was rung, the students took part in the Early Morning Ceremony in which they performed 108 prostrations, after which they partook of a formal monastic meal. The students experienced Walking Meditation in which they strolled through the forest while breathing in fresh air. At the end, the students had the opportunity to share conversations with the monk over tea.   ▲The walking meditation   The temple stay proved to be a valuable opportunity for the students of the Translation Academy to learn more about Buddhism, which is one of the pivots of Korean ethos.   ▲Group photograph
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신간안내 한국문학번역원 신간안내 소식입니다


Author 李旻基 Translator 林彥
Original Title  프로젝트 뉴욕 [Peurojekteu nyuyok]
Publisher 大田出版

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