Five New Titles in the Library of Korean Literature Series
○ Five new titles in the Library of Korean Literature series, jointly published by Dalkey Archive Press and LTI Korea, were released on 14 October.   ○ LTI Korea signed a MOU with Dalkey Archive Press in October, 2011 with the objective of publishing 25 Korean literary works in English translation. The first batch of ten books was published in November last year. The five titles published this fall include “Pavane for a Dead Princess” by Park Min-gyu, “The Square” by Choi In-hun, “Scenes from the Enlightenment” by Kim Namcheon, “Another Man’s City” by Ch’oe In-ho and “The Republic of Užupis” by Haïlji.   Except for “The Square,” this marks the first time that these works have been introduced to the English-speaking world.     ○ The third batch of five books is slated to be released in the second half of next year. It is hoped that this series will serve as a channel for introducing diverse aspects of Korean literature to the English-speaking book market.   ○ Dalkey Archive Press releases 50 titles every year and has published over 500 books since it was established in 1984. It is headquartered in Champaign, Illinois and has branch offices in London and Dublin. It is one of the most significant literary publishers in the U.S. and contributes substantially to the publication of English and international literary works with outstanding literary and artistic merit.   ○ List of titles in the first batch:   Author Title Yi Kwang-su The Soil Kim Won-il The House with a Sunken Courtyard Park Wan-Suh Lonesome You Hyun Ki Young One Spoon on this Earth Kim Joo-young Stingray Lee Kiho At Least We Can Apologize Jung Young Moon A Most Ambiguous Sunday Jung Mikyung My Son's Girlfriend Jang Jung-il When Adam Opens His Eyes Jang Eunjin No One Writes Back   Overview of Dalkey Archive Press   Dalkey Archive Press is one of the leading literary publishers in the English-speaking book market. Since its establishment in 1984, Dalkey Archive Press has published over 500 books, releasing 50 titles each year. It has its headquarters in Champaign, Illinois and branch offices in London and Dublin.   It has its origins in the “Review of Contemporary Fiction,” a journal started by its founder John O’Brien in 1981. The journal was begun with the purpose of creating or revitalizing critical discourse on non-commercial English authors ignored by the critical establishment. The authors covered in the early issues of the journal included William S. Burroughs, Paul Metcalf, Gilbert Sorrentino, Georges Perec and Robert Walser. The journal also covered fiction from various countries including China, Finland, Belgium, Italy, and Australia.   With the flow of time, the objective of the company expanded to include the publication of out-of-print books that major publishers had stopped publishing. Later on, it expanded even further to include translations of world literature. At present, the share of works of translation in the US publishing market is a mere 3%, making market penetration extremely difficult. However, this was not always the case. Even until the 1970s, works of famous non-English authors were published by prominent and influential publishers like Avon, Dutton, and McGraw-Hill publishing. However, fundamental changes in the structure of commercial publishing led to foreign literature being ignored by major publishers and critical media. As a result, except for a few works of translations that enjoyed popularity, foreign literature became an overlooked genre in the English-speaking market.   Dalkey Archive Press strived to have works of foreign literature with artistic merit included in the critical discourse of modern English literature. Starting with the publication of the English translation of Yves Navarre’s novel in 1987, it concentrated its efforts in publishing literature in translation.   Dalkey’s primary interest lies in works of fiction. In its initial years, it mainly published reissues of out-of-print books but now it is focuses on discovering new authors of English literature. It prefers publishing novels instead of short fiction, and works à la Samuel Beckett instead of novels with typical third person realism. It also brings out publications related to literary studies, historical research, aesthetics, literary criticism and theory, and translation theory. Authors whose works have been published by Dalkey have gone on to win the Pulitzer and the Nobel Prize.   The list of authors published by Dalkey reads like a list of world literature. They include authors like Camilo Jose Cela, Antonio Lobo Antunes, Nathalie Sarraute, Raymond Queneau, Djuna Barnes, Andrei Bitov, Anne Carson, Eric Chevillard, Robert Coover, Aldous Huxley, Robert Creeley, Gustave Flaubert, Max Frisch, Carlos Fuentes, Jose Lezama Lima, William H. Gass, Henry Green, G. Cabrera Infante, Danilo Kis, Mina Loy, David Markson, Claude Ollier, Flann O’Brien, Patrik Ourednik, Raymond Queneau, Raymond Roussel, Arno Schmidt, Viktor Shklovsky, Gertrude Stein, Manuel Puig, and Louis Zukofsky to name but a few.   Dalkey Archive Press Website:  
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Poet Moon Chung-hee delivers a lecture on Korean literature at “Festive Korea 2014”
  LTI Korea organized a lecture on Korean literature on 21 October as part of the “Festive Korea 2014” festival held under the aegis of the Korean Consulate General of Hong Kong at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. ▲ Poet Moon Chung-hee (left) giving her lecture   The lecture centered on the theme of “My Poetry, My Body” was delivered by poet Moon Chung-hee to an audience of around 130 people, which included both university students and the public. She aided the audience’s understanding of Korean literature by reciting a few of her most popular poems, including, “Yellow Balloon,” “Putting on Makeup” and “The Age of Success.” She spoke on various topics ranging from what poetry meant to her as a poet to her reflections on the present age where capitalism and materialism reign supreme, thus instilling an interest in Korean literature among the audience members. ▲ Audience members listening attentively to the poet ▲ A group photograph with the audience   This year marked the fourth iteration of “Festive Korea 2014,” which is a Korean cultural festival organized with the support of the Korean Consulate General in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The festival runs from 2 October to 29 November this year and hosts a myriad of events like K-pop, dance, movie screenings and traditional performances. Please visit the festival’s website for more information:
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  • ▲ Moon Chung-hee delivers a lecture on Korean literature at “Festive Korea 2014”

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