LTI Korea Translators Attend BCLT Summer School
   Continuing the partnership forged last year with the British Centre for Literary Translation (BCLT), LTI Korea sponsored students to take part in the International Literary Translation and Creative Writing Summer School, held at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England from July 24 to 30.     ▲ Dr. Duncan Large at the orientation on the first day        This year, LTI Korea sent six students from its Translation Academy to attend the summer school. Apart from Korean, translation workshops were also held for Swedish, German, Russian, multi-lingual prose, and multi-lingual poetry. Deborah Smith led the Korean workshop together with author Hwang Jungeun.     ▲ Writer Hwang Jungeun addressing the audience at the orientation   ▲ Writer Sarah Bower’s Creative Writing session      The students also attended creative writing sessions led by Spanish translator Cecilia Rossi, writer Sarah Bower, and writer Anna Metcalfe.      There were ten translation workshop sessions of one and a half hour each. The eleven students in the Korean workshop worked on a consensus translation of a short story by Hwang Jungeun titled Unneun Namja (The Smiling/Laughing Man).     ▲ Plenary Session 1: How I Got Started in Literary Translation     ▲ Plenary Session 2: Women in Translation        Apart from three creative writing sessions, the students also attended three plenary sessions with veteran translator and publishers.   ▲ Hwang Jungeun talks about her book One Hundred Shadows     ▲ Deborah Smith talking about Hwang’s book        Hwang’s One Hundred Shadows is set to be launched by Deborah Smith’s publishing house, Tilted Axis, on October 3.     ▲ Presentations at Dragon hall        On July 29, the last day of the school, all participants gathered at Dragon hall where the Writers’ Centre Norwich is located to present the final translations prepared by each group.     ▲ Participants had many opportunities to interact with other translators, writers and publishers     ▲ Participants had many opportunities to interact with other translators, writers and publishers        The one-week long workshop helped the translators from LTI Korea to broaden their horizons and to network with translators from other languages, writers and publishers.     ▲ Hwang Jungeun, Deborah Smith and translators from the Korean group with their certificates of completion        
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LTI Korea holds an event titled “Meeting with Korea Poets” in Moscow, Russia on July 8
   The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and LTI Korea held an event titled “Meeting with Korea Poets” in Moscow, Russia on July 8. Lee Geunbae, Moon Chung Hee, and Choi Dong Ho took part in the event which was held at the All-Russian State Library for Foreign Literature. ▲ The event venue        The event kicked off with a welcome address delivered by Alexander Livergant, the Editor-in-Chief of one of Russia’s most prestigious magazines Foreign Literature Journal, and the chairperson of The Institute of Translation.     ▲ Mr. Livergant’s welcome address        First, Lee Geunbae recited his most famous poem “Wasabi Flowers.” He followed this with “Poem of Ryazan,” which he wrote in the memory of famous Russian poet Sergei Yesenin, and drew an excited response from the audience.       ▲ Lee Geunbae’s recital        Next, Moon Chung-hee recited her poem “Memories of Yulpo,” “For Man,” and “Loving.”   ▲ Moon Chung-hee’s recital        Finally, Choi Dong Ho recited “The Sound of Grass Drying” and “Reed Song,” and even followed it up by singing songs composed from these poems, giving the Russian audience a chance to listen to the unique rhythm of Korean poetry.     ▲ Choi Dong Ho’ recital        The three poets’ recitals were accompanied by recitals in Russian given by actors Tatyana Parshina and Sergey Zagrebnov from The Meyerhold Theatre Centre, which helped the audience to understand the content and rhyme of the poems.     ▲ The audience        The recitals came to a close to rousing applause and cheering from the audience. The event ended with Q&A and book signing sessions.      Prof. Ekaterina Pokholkova from Korean Studies Department at Moscow State University was the interpreter at the event and helped the Korean poets and the Russian audience to communicate and connect.     ▲ Group photograph     ▲ Group photograph  
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First and Second Year Students of the Translation Academy Graduate
  LTI Korea held a graduation ceremony for the first and second-year graduates of the Regular Course of the Translation Academy on June 24.   A total of 32 students, including 22 students from the first-year (6 from English, 3 from French, 3 from German, 5 from Spanish, 5 from Russian) and 16 students from the second-year (6 from English, 3 from French, 2 from German, 2 from Spanish, 3 from Russian) of the Regular Course successfully completed the course.   - Group photograph of the first-year faculty and students - Group photograph of the second-year faculty and students - President Kim delivering the congratulatory address     The ceremony began with Director Kim Yoon-jin’s opening remarks followed by a congratulatory address delivered by President Kim Seong-Kon, the faculty’s congratulatory message, a valedictory speech, and finally the certificate distribution ceremony. - Prof. Kim, Hyun-taek from the Russian class delivering a congratulatory address - Eric Saison, second-year, French group, delivering the valedictory speech - Graduation certificate distribution   After the graduation certificates were distributed, Ulises Tindon Manzano from the Spanish group and Soohyun Yang from the English group, whose essays on “Themes of Korean Literature” for the Understanding Korean Literature class were adjudged to be the best, spoke about their experience of translating. For the finale, Daria Nesterova from the Russian group gave a presentation on Korean culture with illustrations that she had herself drawn. - Daria Nesterova’s presentation     We look forward to the graduates of the Regular Course making significant contributions to the globalization of Korean literature.
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  • ▲ Group photograph of the first-year faculty and students

신간안내 한국문학번역원 신간안내 소식입니다

Сын человека

[Russian]Сын человека
Author Ли Мун-Ел Translator Михаил Парк
Original Title  사람의 아들
Publisher Художественная литература

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