First and Second Year Students of the Translation Academy Graduate
  LTI Korea held a graduation ceremony for the first and second-year graduates of the Regular Course of the Translation Academy on June 24.   A total of 32 students, including 22 students from the first-year (6 from English, 3 from French, 3 from German, 5 from Spanish, 5 from Russian) and 16 students from the second-year (6 from English, 3 from French, 2 from German, 2 from Spanish, 3 from Russian) of the Regular Course successfully completed the course.   - Group photograph of the first-year faculty and students - Group photograph of the second-year faculty and students - President Kim delivering the congratulatory address     The ceremony began with Director Kim Yoon-jin’s opening remarks followed by a congratulatory address delivered by President Kim Seong-Kon, the faculty’s congratulatory message, a valedictory speech, and finally the certificate distribution ceremony. - Prof. Kim, Hyun-taek from the Russian class delivering a congratulatory address - Eric Saison, second-year, French group, delivering the valedictory speech - Graduation certificate distribution   After the graduation certificates were distributed, Ulises Tindon Manzano from the Spanish group and Soohyun Yang from the English group, whose essays on “Themes of Korean Literature” for the Understanding Korean Literature class were adjudged to be the best, spoke about their experience of translating. For the finale, Daria Nesterova from the Russian group gave a presentation on Korean culture with illustrations that she had herself drawn. - Daria Nesterova’s presentation     We look forward to the graduates of the Regular Course making significant contributions to the globalization of Korean literature.
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  • ▲ Group photograph of the first-year faculty and students
LTI Korea and KCISA Sign MOU
 LTI Korea signed an MOU with the Korea Culture Information Service Agency (KCISA) on June 27. The two organizations agreed to work together to build and improve Korea’s “premium” image by achieving the government’s stated goal of literary and cultural prosperity. ▲  MOU signing   The main points of the MOU include support for translating videos related to Korean culture, support for video coverage of events related to Korean literature in Korea and overseas, and information sharing. As the first of such projects, LTI Korea will assist KCISA in preparing foreign language subtitles for its videos related to the Korean Wave. The subtitled videos will be distributed worldwide through King Sejong Institutes located overseas. Since 2007, LTI Korea has been offering support for the translation of subtitles of high-quality videos and stage performances related to Korea, thus contributing to the spread of Korean cultural content overseas. To date, it has supported the translation of nearly 271 videos or performances into 13 languages for organizations like the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and 13 organizations affiliated to the Seoul City government.   ▲  LTI Korea’s President Kim (right) and KCISA’s President Kim(left)   LTI Korea has been striving to promote Korean literature through various activities, such as organizing events in literary hubs of the world and at international book fairs, holding the Seoul International Writers Festival, holding translation and publication workshops, running the Translation Academy, running a residency program for translators, and holding “Meet the Author” events for local residents as part of the government’s “Day of Culture” initiative. The MOU with KCISA will help LTI Korea to promote these events through even wider channels.
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  • ▲ MOU signing

신간안내 한국문학번역원 신간안내 소식입니다

Cine a mâncat toată shinga?

[Rumanian]Cine a mâncat toată shinga?
Author Park Wan-suh Translator OUM Tae Hyun
Original Title  그 많던 싱아는 누가 다 먹었을까?
Publisher Editura ZIP

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