LTI Korea Organizes Promotional Events in the US
   LTI Korea organized a promotional event at Duke University on November 13 to publicize the novel Rina by Kang Young-sook, scheduled to launched in the US in December this year. The event was held at Duke University’s Perkins Library and was moderated by Prof. Nayoung Aimee Kwon from the Department of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies. During the two-hour event, Kang Young-sook shared her inspiration behind the book, the reaction of readers in Japan to the Japanese translation, as well as anecdotes related to the process of having the book translated into English. Jake Snyder from Dalkey Archives shared his expectations from the book. The Q&A session at the end, originally scheduled for half an hour, had to be extended thanks to the enthusiastic response from the audience. The event was attended by a large number of professors and scholars teaching or researching Korean literature in Northern America who were members of the Korean Literature Association. In the days preceding LTI Korea’s event, the association had organized the annual North American Workshop on Korean Literature (NAOKOL) on the topic: Global Korean Literature at Crossroads: Celebration of Continuity and Transformation. Unlike conferences of the past that focused on Korean culture and movies, the conference focused mainly on Korean literature this year, with vigorous discussions taking place on various topics such as North Korean literature, and classical Korean literature.   ▲  Reception for the Korean Literature Association   ▲  President Kim delivering the congratulatory address   ▲  Book reading   ▲  Q&A session
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LTI Korea Holds Translation Workshop at Arizona State University
  LTI Korea organized a translation workshop and a special lecture on Korean literature at Arizona State University (ASU) from November 9–10. Seven students from the School of International Letters and Cultures attended the two-month-long workshop taught by Prof. Shin Jiwon and worked on translating Poet Kim Hye-soon’s A Cup of Red Mirror into English. On November 9, literary critic Prof. Kim Jong-hoi and Editor Joyelle McSweeney from Action Books attended the workshop and reviewed and discussed the students’ translations. Prof. Kim Jong-hoi’s insightful interpretation on the theme and poetic narration of the poems helped the students to have a better understanding of the original work and to improve on their translations. Joyelle McSweeney also contributed significantly to the translation project by offering feedback to the students and volunteering to edit their manuscripts.   ▲    The workshop at ASU   ▲    President Kim Seong-kon at the reception for the students   The next day, on Nov 10, Prof. Kim Jong-hoi delivered a lecture titled “North Korean Literature Today” at the request of ASU faculty and students. More than seventy students attended the lecture, eager to learn about the North Korean literary scene and its history. Prof. Kim asserted that culture, especially literature, can be a powerful tool to bring an end to the prolonged division of the Korean peninsula. Following the lecture, Dr. Kim Seong-Kon, President of LTI Korea, explained the dynamics of Western and Eastern powers surrounding North Korea to the students. His explanation appealed greatly to the students who wished for peace and stability on the Korean peninsula. The lecture was a great reminder for the students of humanities that culture can be a powerful medium of bringing about change in the world.         ▲    The lecture on “North Korean Literature Today”    
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LTI Korea Gifts Books to the National Assembly Library
  President Kim Seong-kon gifted translated books of Korean literature to the National Assembly Library on behalf of LTI Korea on November 5.   ▲    President Kim receiving a plaque of appreciation from Lee Eun Chul, Chief Librarian, National Assembly Library LTI Korea gifted more than 1,457 copies of 1,001 titles of Korean literature translated and published overseas in 33 languages to the National Assembly Library.   ▲  The “Korean Literature in Translation” collection at the 3rd floor of the National Assembly Library Included in the books gifted by LTI Korea this time was Nocturne d'un chauffeur de taxi, the French translation of the short story collection The Taxi Driver’s Nocturne, which was praised by Nobel laureate J. M. G. Le Clézio as a must-read in the French daily Le Monde.   Also included was El Restaurante de Sukiyaki, the Spanish translation of Bae Suah’s Sunday Sukiyaki Restaurant, which won the LTI Korea Translation Award this year.   ▲      Chief Librarian Lee Eun Chul and President Kim looking around the Humanities and Natural Sciences wing on the 3rd floor of the library The collection is displayed at the library’s Humanities and Natural Sciences wing, being operated under an open shelf system since last October, to ensure visitors can access it freely.   Chief Librarian Lee Eun Chul expressed his gratitude for LTI Korea’s gift and said he would ensure visitors to the library, especially foreigners, could take advantage of it.   President Kim responded by quoting Argentinian write Jorge Luis Borges: “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” He added that he was honored to help set up a collection of Korean literature in translation at a major national library like the National Assembly Library.   
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신간안내 한국문학번역원 신간안내 소식입니다

Great Soul of Siberia

[English]Great Soul of Siberia
Author Sooyong Park Translator Jamie Chang
Original Title  시베리아의 위대한 영혼
Publisher Greystone Books

Korean Books