The 2014 Annual Korean Literature English Essay Contest
The 2014 Annual Korean Literature English Essay Contest   The Literature Translation Institute of Korea (LTI Korea) was founded in 2001 with the aim of sharing Korean literature with the world. An initiative to introduce Korean literature to the world, the LTI Korea announces Third Annual Korean Literature English Essay Contest. The primary goal of the contest is to increase awareness of Korean cultural contents internationally.   Foreign residents in Korea are invited to participate in the contest, reading and sharing their thoughts about Korean literary texts that are being read internationally in translation.   Designated Texts: Jeon Sung Tae    “The Korean Soldier” Kim Jae Young   “Elephant” Ha Seong-nan    “Blooms of Mold”   l  Select and download one of the texts clicking the link above   Participants: Foreigners living in Korea, including foreign students Prize Categories: Grand Prize (1), Awards of Excellence (3) Prizes: Grand Prize: Tablet PC; Award of Excellence: E-Book Device Documents to be Submitted: 1.      Application Form (1) (download from[English%20Essay%20Contest]Application%20Form.doc) 2.      English Essay (1) (not exceeding three A4 pages in length, submitted in MS Word or PDF format) How to Apply: -          Via E-mail: -          Application Period: Monday, September 1, 2013 until Monday, September 29, 2013 -          Announcement of Winners: Friday, November 7, 2014 -          Awards Ceremony: November 2013 (Date TBA)   Eunji Oh(Cultural Exchange& Public Relations Team) (02-6919-7724/
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신경숙 (Kyung-sook Shin)
Shin Gyeongsuk
شين سوك كيونغ
Shin Kyuong-Suk
Kyung-sook Shin [Preferred Name]
Shin Kyung-sook

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